The Most Important Features of Today’s Air Purifiers

When you’re shopping for an air purifier, it can be confusing as you’re presented with a host of features, all promising to be the latest thing. If you’re wondering which features you should be looking for when buying a new air purifier, you’ll first need to understand the key elements that you should be looking for and the individual requirements of your home. Since air purifiers today come in a range of sizes and shapes, being able to compare the various features on offer is essential. Here, I’ve brought you a guide to some of the best features that you’ll find on these innovative devices, so that you can make an informed choice.

Filter Change Indicators

Most air purifiers contain physical filters which require regular changing to keep the device working properly. Knowing when to replace the filters can be a challenge, and it can involve a certain amount of guesswork, meaning that sometimes you end up replacing the filter too soon or too late, affecting the efficiency of your device. A filter indicator light will let you know the perfect time to change those filters so that you’ll get it right every time.

Sensors For Air Quality

While some air purifiers rely on manual settings, many of the best models these days monitor the quality of the air in their surroundings to determine the right fan speed for optimal results. This means that the device will constantly be monitoring the air for contaminants and will eradicate them more rapidly when they are detected. This will keep your air as pure as possible without any effort on your behalf. As the device will adjust itself automatically, it can also help you to save energy by reducing its operation when the air is already fresh and clean.

Energy Star Ratings

If a product features an Energy Star label, it shows that it has a lower cost of operation while also guaranteeing a higher level of energy efficiency. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are both protecting the environment and saving money at the same time.


If you’re planning to use your air purifier in different rooms of your home for maximum flexibility, you’ll be looking for a handle or wheels to enable you to easily move the unit from room to room.

Fan Speeds

Most air purifiers these days have a minimum of 3 fan speeds to control how rapidly the unit will clean the room’s air. Some models have as many as four speeds, and if a turbo mode is important to you, you’ll be looking for this feature when you make your purchase.

A Pre-Filter

The pre-filter of your unit will capture the biggest particles found in the air, prolonging the main filter’s lifespan. It allows the primary filter to work harder to capture tiny particles such as pet dander, dust, and pollen without becoming worn out too quickly.

Charcoal Filter

Removing unpleasant odors from your home is important, and this can only be achieved with an activated charcoal filter. If you choose a device with this feature, it will absorb cooking, pet, chemical, and smoke smells for a more pleasant living environment.

A HEPA Filter

There are two types of HEPA filter – a HEPA-type or a true HEPA filter. You will be looking for the latter when making your purchase, since this super-dense filter will be best able to remove the tiniest particles from the air.

If you pay close attention to reviews and purchasing specifications when buying your new air purifier, and buy with these features in mind, you’re sure to make the right choice for you.