Operating Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Air Purifier

When you’ve invested in a brand new air purifier, you need to be certain that you are maximizing its potential. After all, it’s pointless to spend money on a device that has been designed to help improve your air quality and improve your family’s health and well-being, if you don’t take all the essential steps to ensure that it functions properly.

Here, I’ve brought you some essential tricks and tips that will guarantee your purifier is working to the best of its ability, so you can reap all of the many benefits that this innovative device can bring.

Choose the Right Spot in Your Home

Many people simply place their air purifier anywhere in their chosen room without paying too much attention to its location. However, choosing the right site couldn’t be more important. You need to select a spot where the air in-flow won’t be obstructed by any furnishings or large objects. Although most modern air purifiers have an in-flow design that operates at 360 degrees, you will be maximizing speed and efficiency if you choose a clear site with optimal airflow.

Close the Windows and Doors

Just like with air conditioning, an air purifier won’t work properly if the windows and doors of your home are open. That means that you should operate the device only if you have shut all openings into the space; this will ensure that air purification is maximized.

Clean the Pre-Filter Regularly

It can be tempting to simply set up your air purifier and leave it to get on with cleaning the air inside your room. However, if you don’t check regularly on the filters, you’ll find that eventually they’ll block up with large particles that prevent the device from functioning properly. Clean out your device’s pre-filter monthly and this will help to make the unit’s other filters last longer.

Replace Your Filters As Necessary

Although you might be tempted to try to save money by delaying your filter replacement, this is false economy. A dirty, old filter will not be able to filter contaminants from the air properly, and risks getting dirty air back into your room. This defeats the object of buying an air purifier in the first place. Check the filter and make sure to replace it immediately when it has worn out, or, if your model has an LED indicator that tells you when the filter requires replacement, always use that as a guideline.

Follow these helpful tips, and you’ll find that your new air purifier will work to the best of its ability, keeping your home’s air clean and your family breathing easily.